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Mediumship Musings - Healing Emotional Wounds to Feel Again

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

There are some things that I just didn't realize were what made me a medium, someone who communicates with the Dead.

When relatives died, I wouldn't be able to sleep for days, and would go into a depression - feeling their death fully.

Whenever anyone would tell me about their relative passing, I never brushed it off - I always wanted to hold deep, healing space for those people.

One of my favorite movies growing up, and still is, is What Dreams May Come... a movie based on reincarnation and the afterlife.

I felt deep peace visiting relatives in the cemetery.

I connected to my Dead easily, frequently, with plenty of tears + always felt close with them.

I could feel haunted spaces... and was against moving into any space remotely haunted.

Then I shut down.

I went to music school, found my path, and kept going. I could also sense the day my heart died. The day the love in my heart just... stopped. I couldn't feel anything anymore.

So, I started working on healing my wounds.

I talk more about these healing spaces that led to my new found confidence of my mediumship in a recent instagram post.

white text on a black screen musing about my healing journey
instagram post

Upon healing, I can now express myself more, speak my mind, my heart is able to love again... I worked on healing emotional wounds in order to feel again.

Healing works, y'all. There's no perfect science, I just tried it all. I was fully committed to feeling BETTER. Feeling like me, before the Trauma, before the pain... before the 2000's. ;)

I started with finding my way back to how I wanted to look, followed by how I wanted to feel spiritually/emotionally. Then I added in Yoga, exercise, etc.

Next came hypnosis, art, and here I am- back to writing. I've always kept some form of writing online at multiple points in time. I've always deleted + never looked back, but I truly hope to stay in this space, now that I' now!

Love you!

Chelsea Camin

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