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and lineage

code of ethics

+ I don't message or prey on you to work with me

+ I maintain healthy spiritual hygiene + right relationship with my wise/well ancestors  and practice.

+I allow for my ancestors to guide me in how I share messaging/honest information

+ I am highly steeped in spiritism, folk italian magick, solo magician work and am in proper relationship with my deities; Hekate, Persephone, Aphrodite, and Hades.

I work with archangels, other known spiritual archetypes such as Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael,  and Raphael.

+My style is eclectic because my religious upbringing was eclectic, with influence from Roman Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism and Witchcraft, i've learned we are all connected.

+ I work within open practices, so the tools I share are able to be applied to all, no matter your lineage.

+ As a client, I want to see you LESS; less is MORE. Less means I'm not a crutch. Less means you are in relationship with spirit, not myself on behalf of you!

+ I do not lie about my abilities

+Ethically,  I never promise something I can't deliver


Anna Sayce  + Psychic  Foundations 2013

Nicole Elodie + Indigenous  Healing Education 2019

Kaitlyn Graña + Spiritism/Mentorship 2023

Dèsirèe Eckert + Hypnosis Education 2023

Yoga Renew + 200 Hr Yoga Cerification  2022

Sound Healing Certification  2021

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