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Listen to the sound of dreams.

Michelle G., NY

Chelsea connected with my brother and did an incredible job both in accuracy and compassion. She was able to pinpoint specific things about my brother’s interests and preferences. Some examples include seeing him with a sombrero on, which was in his hat collection in his room, and the smell of Axe cologne, which he always sprayed an excessive amounts of. Chelsea fully captured his personality in noting that he has class clown energy, loves sports, is street-smart, has a kind heart, and is the healer of our family. She was respectful and gentle when providing difficult details about my brother, and holds space exceptionally well. Chelsea’s reading, along with our life coaching sessions, have truly brought me peace, comfort, and relief. I am overjoyed in the confirmation that my brother continues to be a healer on the other side and is still with me. I am extremely grateful to have had this experience with Chelsea!

Leah C., Germany

Chelsea was amazing. Her reading was so informative, gentle, and honest. She was so great at explaining things to me - what each card meant on its own, and in context of the reading. She had great insight of her own, as well as interpreting the spiritual messages she received. All her predictions are coming true now, and I know it's because we both came from an open and loving space. I recommend her to anyone who wishes to explore the art of tarot, and who can be open to the information that comes through.


Man. Chelsea is something. A magician in the most grounded sense. I've had a few 1:1's with Chelsea and keep coming back because with her I feel the healing of a mother wound. She has this innate ability to see someone directly and love that part of you that felt too bright to touch. 

I have always been nervous about mediumship due to my own personal history, but decided to settle up in a past life regression with Chelsea. Immediately, in a bodily sense I felt safe, even with the knowing that I would be embarking on an unfamiliar journey. Chelsea has this uncanny ability as your guide, to be right there with you. She possesses a strength and assurance that grounds you even as you rapidly move through different states of consciousness. My regression took a turn for the unexpected, but she held the line with power, with light, and with a sense of humor lol. I believe it's her lightheartedness and sharp sense of humor that make the work she does all the more powerful, impactful. It's embodied bravery that she emits. And there's no stronger energy I would prefer to undergo such a clarifying mission with. So much love for you, Chelsea, and your singular dedication to bringing the light. Thank you."

Jess T., NY

Heather G.

Chelsea is a highly intuitive and gifted healer. She not only provides a sacred space for healing to occur, but she lives her life in such a way that is so genuine and authentic. Chelsea is also a multifaceted human being with an array of gifts. She has helped me spiritually and emotionally, and also designed my beautiful badass website! Everything she does is with her entire heart. Being in her presence is a gift, and I’m grateful to have gotten the opportunity to work with her in many different ways. If you are looking for a space to heal, tune in, find answers within yourself, reach out to Chelsea because you will not find a healer more true. 


Love Notes

To be perfectly honest, I have been a skeptic of mediums and psychics, but trusted Chelsea to be honest and open with me - which she was - while allowing me to be more receptive to information. My aunt is someone who is very important to me and there were details that Chelsea was able to give that no one would have known except for immediate family. 


I know with Chelsea, my mind, heart and family are safe through and with her which makes it amazing for me to be able to reconnect with my Aunt.

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