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I'm not a Voice Teacher anymore. I specialize in Past Life Regressions.

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Welcome to a new era of The Voice Witch... my psychic playground

Hi there, I'm Chelsea and I'm a powerfully gifted Intuitive + Past Life Specialist

I just came out of the broom closet fully, and left my Voice Teaching career for good. I've decided it's time to leave music for my pastime and allow for my true life's work to shine through.

I've never been more sure of anything, truly...

My favorite places to hang out are in my own upside down; which is the liminal space between life and death.

Spoken like a true Scorpio, born on Halloween.

I'm your past life pal... I now offer the most potent sessions on Earth that are SO special to me.

surreal imaging messaging that saucers are flying in and out of outer space through a mirror, as the world watches on and continues to go about their lives.
out of this world

I've had an incredible amount of support + I'm very excited for this next part of my life.

I burned out as a Voice Coach trying to fit into a voice coach mold, so now I offer lessons to spiritual people and witches... And I'm focusing on Past Life Regressions Full time now.

And the call got louder as I healed.... You have to offer your Past Life Regressions. If you've ever been interested, check out my booking link or DM me/Email me

What's the divine makeup of a Past Life Session?

Details: The Past Life Playground

A Tier 1 price point. This is my most powerful offering. A Regression to take you into the recesses of your mind.

Before your session, I meditate for one hour and get into a space to facilitate this offering. I begin by taking you to a deep, relaxed state, where you take the wheel and channel your past life. This session is a 75 minute healing modality where you're hypnotized and guided safely to a realm unlike any other. This session helps clear up soul contracts, karma, gives you more understanding of current life issues, and more!

Why I love it: I've seen the healing that happens from a Past Life Regression in real time, it is truly mind-blowing and heart opening.

The channeled messages we receive during these sessions are so powerful, you leave knowing more about yourself in this current life, and we heal and clear away all debris from a Past Life.

The work is incredibly powerful and it's an honor to facilitate it.

These sessions run about 75 minutes because so many messages come through from spirit; we also chat about ways we can incorporate your life lessons learned in this regression.

Make sure you have plenty of down time, water and rest after this session. You never know what mysteries we'll discover together.

About 24 hours after your session, you are sent a detailed booklet via email with your unique messages & your soul's journey laid out for you, with aesthetics I channel that bring you into the reality you channeled.

It's an amazing keepsake to commemorate each life you travel back to, with each beautiful lesson you learn through each life.

These are my absolute favorite sessions to do!! I love juicy healing.

See you soon! Chelsea


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