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A Voice Witch reading Tarot Cards in a Red State?

Yup. I was scared, too. I have felt this vast "Othering" in this state, but WOOO, last night was so affirming and validating! The hippies, LGBTQIA COMMUNITY, allies showed up for readings and it was sooo nice for this native new yorker to find time with these beautiful souls.

I'm so pleased with how my life is shaping up here... to be doing work that lights me up both online and in person... i'm so lucky!

This was my setup last night, it was a BEAUTIFUL 75 degrees, in the shade, just having a great time doing a ton of readings!!

I met so many amazing people just reading their energy and giving them some hope for the future.

I LOVE my work. And right now i'm off to teach a voice lesson. It's a cool balance. I'm loving it!


voice witchy chelsea

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