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You're here, it's no coincidence 
Listen to the sound of dreams.

I'm your guide, Chelsea Camin; the Past Life Witch.




Because I deal in Past Lives, The Hereafter that liminal space between Life & Death. The Modern Day Persephone - living between two realms. I've always been between those realms - Scorpio Sun, Moon & Rising. Born on Halloween.

After earning my M.A. from Columbia University in Music and Music Education, I hungered for more knowledge in the esoteric and mystical. I began studying and honing in on my psychic gifts. I had always been a very intuitive, psychic kid - then life called and put my spiritual side on pause for a time.

I was a Private Voice Teacher where I was running my own business in New York, working 7 days a week. It eventually wore me out. I energetically could not keep up that pace after I turned 30. 

After a ton of self discovery, I realized the side business of being a spiritual practitioner could be my reality -- my main work. My calling caught me hard and fast... suddenly I was stepping into my own, and ready to take on this mission.


Now I'm a  modern-day witch and healer who works with people in finding their power, their soul & creating deep spaces for healing.


Over time, I've helped hundreds of people gain clarity over their lives, situationships, and hardships. 


Turning pain into purpose + connecting with loved ones on the other side. It's been an honor to hold radical space for my clients, I was truly meant to do this work.

I came to my new home in 2022 tired, burnt out and unable to work. I was coming out of survival mode and learned about Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy + other holistic modalities. I became a Yoga Instructor, Sound Healer... and slowly but surely my Intuition turned on again. 

This is what healed me.

So here I am today, doing this beautiful work. Allowing for my clients to become pure beacons of LIGHT for their own clients.


In my programs, we get into a space of healing & self-compassion; bringing you into greater awareness of your self, spirituality, health and well-being.


The experiences I bring you result in solace, comfort and peace through any transition of your life.


You’ll walk away with tools to use for a lifetime, feeling that much lighter and ready to conquer the world.




You can find me on my down time doing Yoga, writing, creating content, playing singing bowls & hanging out with my wonderful family; daughter Lorelei, husband Fred & our three cats, Salem, Sabrina and Zelda.

Journey with me to the most aligned, beautiful, courageous life ever. An authentic, honest one.


Living Genuinely is your Birthright

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