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Past Life Playground

This is my most powerful offering  as a program.

Three 90 min. regressions and One 60 min. coaching session over the course of 3 months.

Mentorship and Voxer Support included.


We take you into the recesses of your mind


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-This is a program that closed on 7.28.23 and will be open again in October 2023 with a September Waitlist sign up.

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Why I love it: I've seen the healing that happens from a Past Life Regression in real time, it is truly mind-blowing and heart opening.

The channeled messages we receive during these sessions are so powerful, you leave knowing more about yourself in this current life, and we heal and clear away all debris from a Past Life.


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The work is incredibly powerful and it's an honor to facilitate it.

These sessions run about 90 minutes because so many messages come through from spirit; we also chat about ways we can incorporate your life lessons learned in this regression.

Make sure you have plenty of down time, water and rest after this session. You never know what mysteries we'll discover together.

About 24 hours after your session, you are sent a detailed booklet via email with your unique messages & your soul's journey laid out for you, with aesthetics I channel that bring you into the reality you channeled.

It's an amazing keepsake to commemorate each life you travel back to, with each beautiful lesson you learn through each life. 

These are my absolute favorite sessions to do!! I love juicy healing,​

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